Dawn (dawnsyndrome) wrote,

okay i am bak everybodee did you miss me

i haded the funndest time at disnee world we wented to ebcopped sender and they haded these plases like meksiko and itly and china

i did not get to do everything i wanted mome sad a man tolded her that if you wanted to see all of disnee world you had to be there a hole entired yeer.

the first mornen was fun becase i gotted to have brakefist with mini mosse and she was really prity and mome sad she had horse eye shadows and kept sayen she looks like a horse i diden get it

she brotted me a little mini mosse figer and i liked it and i was eeten pankakes and wafles and eggs and baken it was nummy in my tummy but the mapple surp was too sweet i do not like my mapple surp too sweet are you tryen to give me dibeets, lady watress? i told you not to make my cofees so hot it burnded my mouth i am reporten you to walt disnee he will make you die

then i was walken down the streets in disnee world they gots streets you know and i saw a restrant and pooh was there so i went in and gaveded him a big old bare hug and showeded him my new tigger shirt that i botted at a store

he was really shy like maybe someone hitted him a lot

here is a picher of me and mome and some woman mome is frends with who also doesnt have a hubband like mome doesn't have my dadee

you know i dont know why but that ladee was over a lot and mome and her giggled all night and the next mornen i askeded the ladee if she wanted brekfest and she said she just ated some fish

nobody eets fish in the mornen i am suspeshes of this ladee i think she is creppy

mome and me roded this spray mounten ride and it gotted us all wet like that time i went swimmen in the potty and mome came in screemin and i gotted water on her

mikey mosse huggen me!

i loveded sinderela she was so prity

i gaveded a picher to doneld duck i dreweded it speshly for him and he loveded it and gave me a kiss

mome and i roded on the teecups and they were too fast for me and i threwed up all my brekfest on mome and her camera and it brokeded so this was the last picher

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OMG you're back! It's about goddamn time! Where have you been little missy? You've kept us up waiting all night long! Just wait until your father gets home and I tell him about this. You'll be grounded for a month!
hey dont talk to me that way i will poopoo on your head
Hahaha! You are too funny. :D
i misseded you a lots!


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11 years ago

That looks like fun. I was never able to go to Disney World. In 9th grade I wasn't allowed to go to the zoo with the rest of my class because I was bad alot. :(
you shoulden have been bad!
donald duck groped my mom.
that wasen nise of him
i hope you told


11 years ago


11 years ago

those minnie mouse boobs are classy
mome botted them at ladee only store and she said that sinse i wasnt a ladee yet just a little ladee that i culd not go in so i will have to wate
who is that cuttie in your picher

Deleted comment

here is a bag to threw up in
OMG you are fucking hilarious. I can't get enough. every post is more disturbing than the last. LMFAO
i went to disnee world once when i was reeeeaall little and my dad got arrested for groping Barbie.
That was her falt! Barbee doesnt sposed to be at disnee world!


11 years ago

mickey m ouse boobs are uber creepy
hey thats a grafe why doesnt it have a bodee


11 years ago

u look so prity dawn!
thank you
i misseded you a lot *big hugs*
your moms a lesbian!
We all missed you !!!!!!!!!
i misseded you too!
Aww, it's a shame you were sick.
I'd love to see more pictures.


Hey Dawn, we should be friends. I've looked at your journal before but I've always been too shy to ask for friendship. I know chana and I gave her that website with the clothes 4 u.

I'm going to myspace friend you too, K?
I dont have a myspace they baleeted it

but we can be frends here
omg dawn, did you go on the tower of terror!?!?
yes i did and i wetted myself
Dawn honey you must sue that dumb waitress!
I'm glad you had a fun time sweetie, was cinderella nice to you?

Seems you really had a great time while I was abroad! :)
Glad you updated, I missed your adventures.
I hate disney world. It reminds me of my father.
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