Dawn (dawnsyndrome) wrote,

This is Dawn's mother, Polly Sistek-Bertelli.

I'm sure you have noticed that Dawn has not posted in almost two weeks. Shortly after our return from Disney World, Dawn was pretending she was an airplane and jumping across the couches. I kept yelling at her to get off of the couches and that she would fall, and I was busy in the kitchen cooking spaghetti for dinner, because I was having my significant other, Anne Eurism, over. I blame myself for not paying attention to her. It's my fault she fell off of the couch and hit her head on the television set. I should have run in there and sat her down and told her to behave or I'd take away her diapers again.

I am beside myself in worry and grief waiting for her in this cold hospital, updating her journal with my laptop. It took me a few minutes to get into her account because she used snookums as her password. Of course, I changed it to something that was less obvious... not that it makes a difference.

All this time, dealing with ovarian cancer, I've thought to myself that I have to live, that I have to strive and go in life... I have to do these things for my daughter, and now I'm sitting here in this hospital room in tears waiting for my wonderful Dawn to come out of her coma.

Right now, her Glasgow Coma Scale is at E3V3M5. She opens her eyes when she's spoken to and moves them around. She does speak, but she gives innappropriate responses which have nothing to do with what was said. Her comprehension level is almost non-existant and she seems to me to be in a dream-like state, unaware of where she is and what's going on. She has near-normal motor responses to pain and the doctors said that she's doing fine considering the severe blow to the head she receieved and the fact that it's only been two weeks.

I'm sorry I did not post about this sooner; as I have been very busy with staying up night after night next to my daughter in case she needs something.

I hope you keep Dawn in your prayers and your hearts while we struggle through this. I only hope that she comes out of this as the same Dawn I've always known and loved.

I will keep you updated on her responsiveness and status as soon as I find things out from the doctor.
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