Dawn (dawnsyndrome) wrote,

it is amost crismes and mome sad for me to rite my crismes lest so i toded her that i wuld so i am gon to do it

last year we wented skeen here is a picher of it:

i dont know who that man is but he was scaree and we rased and mome sad i won becase he felled off a cliff

here is a picher of mome she is lazee but i gess wen you have canser you can be lazee

i have to go to the dokter agen to do a chekup and so wen i get back tonite after we go eet at mick donelds and go to a crismes partee for momes work i will be home and i will be on AIM on givemeagdpony so if you want to talk to me i will be onlen at abot 11
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