07:52pm 15/03/2006
  today was my sebenteen berthday and it was the bestest berthday in all the world

peeple from distent lands camed to see me and wish me luck and hapee niss through the yeer

barnee camed and we haded a party outside and there was even clonn peeple but they sad they were not clonns but who dresses uglee like that sept for clonns

when it was time for presints i gotted a penk ipodd and a liddle frigemater for my room and two yeer suskritchten to teen bop magzeen becase i love teen boys and it has those and that is a nise thing to see

i gotted strawbabee shrotkake ban dades and it camed with a ban dade holder so i putted my barbee ban dades from crismes in it and i have onlee used one becase i felled on the stares

pepaw gaved me a hello kittee kichen nife and he danseded with me and peeple putted monees in my pantees

someone said somethen abot berthday spankens and this scaree man stabbeded a gerl in the bakk 17 times with my hello kittee nife good thing all us kids with down syndrome looks alike i diden like soozie aneeway she has a harry butt crak

want to see my kake here is a picher

gess what i am goen to be in a ipodd add on teevee look at it

11:32pm 12/03/2006
  i am so happee winsday is my berthday and it will be a grate berthday i will have a partee and a lots of peeple is inbited so if you want to come pleese rspp and i will tell you where to come to but you have to emale me so this is onlee for peeple who knows my emale

guess what everybodee gertie has a livejernal go to mybigblackass to see it and you should comment on her posts thank you and have a nise day ladees and gentelman
12:56am 08/03/2006
  today we had our 42nd anyewall jelleefest and there was a lots of jellee flavers at the fare

there was strawbabee jellee and bloobery jellee and pine apple jellee and turkee jellee and drano jellee and fish jellee and poop jellee and yellow jellee and green jellee and bloo jellee and pie jellee and jellee jellee and jellee jellee jellee and grape jellee and banana jellee and strawbabee jam

but when they founded the strawbabee jam someone gotted mad and sad "this is not a jamfest this is a jelleefest who broughted this" and they founded the old man who had broughted it and hanged him up on a tree but he was white

i fonded one jellee that sad it was from kentukky but it thinked it was hand sope becase thats what it looked like
and a word of abvice dont eet it if you find it becase it is gross and it maded my hands slipree

mome made me confuse becase it sad it is from kentukky but mome sad it is for her virginia

a lots of people came and one of them was this woman who diden have any arms so she ated her brakefist with her feets

want to see a picher of her okay here it is dont stare its not nice

mome and me ratted the jellees and i thoughted that the bloobery jellee was the most dellishemus and tangee and i sad that it shoud win and mome sad no that the pine apple was the bestestess and then we diden have a tie braker and i tolded mome that i wasnt wearen a tie and she shooked her head

first prizes wented to the bloobery jellee becase i know all of momes secrettes

i metted this really nice black ladee named gertie at the fare and she tolded me all things about a lots of stuff and then she sad more things about stuff so now i know a lots

she sawded a woman drinken beer at the jelleefest and she said "what are you doin ladee put that down this aint cheers"

she tolded me that i was end spy ren and that she was gone to write a pome about me and then i tolded her to email it to me and she said she wud and then i askeded her if she hadded livejournel and she sad no and then i tolded her to get one so she shud get one soon

i was gonna get a picher of her but mome tolded me she needed me to come see somethen else and i sad what is more impotent than a black ladee and then she sad that raquel welch came to reppryzent her welches grape jellee and fell in the lake with her banini soot on so i tookeded a picher of that instead

the fest was very fun and i had a lots of fun and i even gotted my fase panted and this relly nice ladee was there to pant it and she sad that i had a canvis for a fase and that she woud like to pant it over and over again all the time until eturnitty

and here is a picher of my fase panten

partee aminals!
03:36pm 18/02/2006
  hello this is dawn i am back from the sky

amember when i toded you that i was gona be famis well now i am gona be on CBN News becase i got deducted by alleyants!

they all lookeded like the same persen and here is a picher of the alleyants up close:

they comeded down from the sky and they toded me "take me to your leeder" so i sad we hadded a three leeder pebsi in the fredge and i showded them and they started talken to it and asken it questions like barbar walters on that telebisizen show 30/40

so then they sad that they wuld take me on a ride and i sad like that movie and then askeded if they had 50's rock and roll on their areship and they diden know what i was talken about

they tode me that they wuld carry me so i wulden have to walk a lot since i just gotted out of the hopsittal

i gotted in the yueffo and they sad that i shuld lay down on the table and i sad you are apposed to lay down on a couch or a bed but not a table you are apposed to eet on a table but they diden lissen so i layed down on the table becase thats what they toded me to do

they gotted this big stick like wen mome invites her girlfrend over and they started poken me with it in my nono spot but not the mane nono spot but the one were my poopoo comes out of and i toded them only black ladees like that but not ricoddr becase ricoddr isnt a black ladee and that wasnt a black ladee it was just a japknees ladee with mud on her fase

the alleyants tooked a picher of me wen they did nono stuff so here is the picher

i am back now tho so we can hang out sometime like i sad okay, sephibroth?

by the way, for everyone who wanted to know mome still has herpz and she still wont let me get some she needs to lern to share
07:00pm 25/12/2005
  hapee mery crismis and look at what i gotted this yeer for been a busee ladee

i gotted a icon from kandikorn and then from santa and mome i gotted a lots of stuff

here from santa i gotted a strawbabee shrotkake hat, a son made razen playbook and barbee ban dades and mome gotted me a ranebo brite fleas blankit and saded my suskritchten to niklodeean magzeen is comen in the male and i gotted a presint from walt disnee becase i visted disnee this year and he sented me his glass eyebowl and a purpel harebrush with areeul lidle mermade on it and i dont know how he fonded out i wanted that but they say wishes can come true if you beliv so i did and look what hapened

i hop everyone has a mery crismis and a happee noo yeer and you should all go look at kandikorn's cafepress account becase he was relly nise to me this yeer and he is gone help me make my own cafepress and you can buy shirts with me and my drawens on it

11:58pm 16/12/2005
  i have gotted my crismes lest done

it tooked a long time to find all the crayons and make it out of my emajinshen

me and the grilla that ated my soop at the hopspittel sat and we thinked and thinked and thinked some more

finaly we gotted it done and my mome told me to put it on the pooter for her to look at

so i deesided to put it up here for you to see it too becase you are all my frends

02:44pm 11/12/2005
  it is amost crismes and mome sad for me to rite my crismes lest so i toded her that i wuld so i am gon to do it

last year we wented skeen here is a picher of it:

i dont know who that man is but he was scaree and we rased and mome sad i won becase he felled off a cliff

here is a picher of mome she is lazee but i gess wen you have canser you can be lazee

i have to go to the dokter agen to do a chekup and so wen i get back tonite after we go eet at mick donelds and go to a crismes partee for momes work i will be home and i will be on AIM on givemeagdpony so if you want to talk to me i will be onlen at abot 11
10:53am 24/11/2005


11:26pm 23/10/2005
mood: cheerful
This morning, my little angel woke down up.

Hallelujah! O, Odin, thou hast healed mine daughter fantastik!

Thank you, Livejournal for your undivided support and nourishment through these times of trouble! The spirit of Sacajaweah carried my baby on her back on monetary goods and she survived!

Your cards and letters, your flowers and candy, and that dirty brassiere that old man sent, were all very appreciated and I have thrown them all in the trash Dawn appreciated every one of them!

We were very impressed with the service at the hospital, but unfortunately while Dawn was eating, a gorilla ran off with her soup.

We contacted the doctor and they decided to put an anti-gorillatheft device on Dawn's breast. I was curious about this feature at first as I assumed the doctor was trying to cop a feel of my daughter, but he reassured me that he was only interested in little boys and that although my daughter looked like a boy from behind when you slicked back her hair, that he had absolutely no reason to touch her that way ever again.

Dawn will be back at home in time for Halloween and she will also be able to start posting in her own journal from now on, although you may see me pop up every now and then to check up on things!

In Odin's name,
Polly Sistek-Bertelli

01:06am 14/09/2005
mood: tired
We all hoped Dawn would have a speedy recovery, but just when it looked like she was going to get better, she slipped back into a coma. Her vital signs are fine, but the doctors say she might not make it.

I receieved some balloons and a lot of cards in the mail recently, and they are up in the room.

Nurse Emeneator is watching over Dawn.

One of the cards in particular I wasn't very happy about.

Whoever sent this card should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

I'm going crazy here in this confined space, waiting for her to wake up. To think, in this very hospital, she was born on March 15th, in the year of our Lord 1989.

I thought I would post some images of her birth.

She was such a lovely child; never fussy, always jubilant. I never had problems teaching her things; she would always pick up on things very well and she was very smart, indeed. I found it oddly uncharacteristic of a child with DS, but she always has been my special little girl.

I remember the song I taught her when I was training her to use the toilet.

♫ I’m a Super Duper Pooper,
♪ I can potty with the best.
♫ No more diapers to get in my way,
♪ I bet you are impressed!

♫ I’m a Super Duper Pooper,
♪ I know when I have to go.
♫ Take a bow, I’m a big kid now,
♪ I’m the best pooper you know!

Everything was great, even after he left... Dennis, that bastard. He ran away with a French whore, and to think! He always told me how horrible I smelt. The only reason a French whore smells good is because she bathes in perfume! Otherwise, she'd stink to high heaven like the rest of the country!

Oh, I'm sorry. I guess that was a crepe thing for me to say.
10:57pm 06/09/2005
  This is Dawn's mother, Polly Sistek-Bertelli.

I'm sure you have noticed that Dawn has not posted in almost two weeks. Shortly after our return from Disney World, Dawn was pretending she was an airplane and jumping across the couches. I kept yelling at her to get off of the couches and that she would fall, and I was busy in the kitchen cooking spaghetti for dinner, because I was having my significant other, Anne Eurism, over. I blame myself for not paying attention to her. It's my fault she fell off of the couch and hit her head on the television set. I should have run in there and sat her down and told her to behave or I'd take away her diapers again.

I am beside myself in worry and grief waiting for her in this cold hospital, updating her journal with my laptop. It took me a few minutes to get into her account because she used snookums as her password. Of course, I changed it to something that was less obvious... not that it makes a difference.

All this time, dealing with ovarian cancer, I've thought to myself that I have to live, that I have to strive and go in life... I have to do these things for my daughter, and now I'm sitting here in this hospital room in tears waiting for my wonderful Dawn to come out of her coma.

Right now, her Glasgow Coma Scale is at E3V3M5. She opens her eyes when she's spoken to and moves them around. She does speak, but she gives innappropriate responses which have nothing to do with what was said. Her comprehension level is almost non-existant and she seems to me to be in a dream-like state, unaware of where she is and what's going on. She has near-normal motor responses to pain and the doctors said that she's doing fine considering the severe blow to the head she receieved and the fact that it's only been two weeks.

I'm sorry I did not post about this sooner; as I have been very busy with staying up night after night next to my daughter in case she needs something.

I hope you keep Dawn in your prayers and your hearts while we struggle through this. I only hope that she comes out of this as the same Dawn I've always known and loved.

I will keep you updated on her responsiveness and status as soon as I find things out from the doctor.
11:27pm 24/08/2005
  okay i am bak everybodee did you miss me

i haded the funndest time at disnee world we wented to ebcopped sender and they haded these plases like meksiko and itly and china

i did not get to do everything i wanted mome sad a man tolded her that if you wanted to see all of disnee world you had to be there a hole entired yeer.

the first mornen was fun becase i gotted to have brakefist with mini mosse and she was really prity and mome sad she had horse eye shadows and kept sayen she looks like a horse i diden get it

she brotted me a little mini mosse figer and i liked it and i was eeten pankakes and wafles and eggs and baken it was nummy in my tummy but the mapple surp was too sweet i do not like my mapple surp too sweet are you tryen to give me dibeets, lady watress? i told you not to make my cofees so hot it burnded my mouth i am reporten you to walt disnee he will make you die

more addvenchuresCollapse )
02:51pm 15/08/2005
mood: good mornen
mendaciumlyre is gone and no one tolded me where he went and we are leeven on the 18th in three days

mome said there is not enuff time to ask someone else to come so it will just be me and mome becase jenny is sick and has sun posen and weezels

i brotted her some soop and it was chiken soop and it did not have a reel chiken in it mome said it was soie beens and so it is like meets but it isnt

yay chikens made of soie on a choochoo twain
11:10am 06/08/2005
  Mome says that sence my skool is shutted down forever and ever and ever that I don't have to go back when it starts so that's why we get to go to disnee world in 12 days.

mendaciumlyre deesided that he reelly wanted to go and he gave mome a hundred bajillion seventy eight dollerds so we can go everwhere in disnee world and get lots of food and things so I will try to bring back presints for tatyana and dusty cooper.

but I have been a bizzy ladee and i have been eaten botato cheps and dodrittos and popkorn. mmmm nummers!
03:16pm 26/07/2005
  my toot fellded out yesterday so i putted it under my pallow to see if the toot fary wuld come to see me

mome sad wen she comes to your hose she brengs a bag full of monees that she gotted at the banks and that it has lots and lots of dollerd bills in it and that you culd buy a restrant with it if you culd catch her scrawnee little neck and then mome started screemin bad werds abot the toot fary and then she sad she was soree and diden meen to screem

so this mornen i wokeded up and there was the toot fary! She was in my room and I sad to her to give me lots of monees so mome culd open a restrant and she gaveded me a hundred bajillion dollerds and eight sents and stoleded my toot.

i gess with toots like that she needs all the toots she can getted ahold of. pepaw gotted visted by the toot fary all the time wen he was little and i guess thats why he has no toots now.

in other noos, mome has deesided that we are goin to disnee world on the 18th of aggist so thats not too far away so i have plenny of time to pack my sootcase

soree i have not postted lately but mr snokums gotted lost and we had to find him and wen we did finded him he was all wet and inside of someones air vent and we dont no how he gotted there but we thanked mister and misters wong becase they are a nise fambly
07:29pm 18/07/2005
  no one is joinen my comunte it makes me so sad

and then mome tolded me that my skool closeded so now i have to be ham skooled i dont know what that meens but i think it has something to do with ham

see Dawn is sad. :(

so make me feel good and send me pichers of my little pony and join my comunte and i will except you as long as you're not a poopoo head.

hey i am goin to go to disnee world soon!
it is the joolie 28th to aggist 2th and dusty cooper hasn't come back so i can inviteded one more persen, but you have to have pichers so i don't think you are a crepp.
01:23pm 15/07/2005
  mome tolded me that she had herpz

i thinks it is something like winnen the lotry becase she is runnen arond and scrameing everywhere and she is sayen things like "i got herpz i got herpz" and "ohhhh myyyy goddd" and then she is callen everyone and tellen them she even calleded docter bakenhimen so i think she is hapee abot it
01:07am 10/07/2005
mood: opsett
i was watchen telebisizen and mome turnded it to the noos becase she sad something impotent was on so we watcheded it.

i tooked a picher of the noos to postt here so you culd see it too.

i was sad becase a lot of peple are dead but thats okay becase jesus luves them all and he will take care of them so i dont have to cry abot it anymore mome sad not to cry its okay
12:38pm 02/07/2005
  i was at the ofise with my noo sekraterry frosty_the_sarz and i told her to go get me some coffee here is a picher

anyway she camed back and it was time to go to korea to take a peese agreemint and i gotted all my bags packed and she did too and she brot me deekaf when she nose i dont like it becase it tatses like poo but i still luve her anyway

it was a long bus ride to korea and i think we wented over the oshen too becase i think thats where it is but anyway we gotted there and there was a lots of prity things to look at and i gotted some anime and i botted a big tertle that was stuffeded like a teddy bare but it was a tertle.

i dont no what i am gone to call it but i think maybe something tertley.

after we woked up in the morning at a hotel 7 ms. sarah and me wented to meet kem junk ill and i dont no what was wrong with him maybe he had the floo or a eer infinkshen or something but i dont know why everyone kept saying he was ill i didnt understand

but we talkeded abot formel desgnashen of borders and then aksess to nachral reesorses and aporshenin them and then i sad he had to releese all the prisners and the fugees becase larin hill needs a noo CD so I made sure he releesed them.

here is a picher

i no theres a lot of terism in the world right now and it's not just full of flowers but sometimes you have to be hapee and look at prity things and so i told kim junk that we needed a sees fire and then we workeded on diskrete steps to venchally reech muchooaly dezired goal of peese and we signded a treety it was on a napken but it is stil leegel i think

i saw this picher in his hose and took a picher of it but dont tell becase i dont think im aloud to see it but i dont no what it is abot so thats why i am posten it to ask

and when i cameded in his hose i askeded him what it was and he said it was a big cotten candi for everyone but i dont think so it looks like a white brokkli.

anyway i tolded him that if he was the oner of south korea too then he would have lots of seoul and he diden get my joke but i thot it was funnee

okay i am gone to go eat some nanner pudden
05:32am 24/06/2005
mood: amoosed
i am gone to korea soon i have to pack my bags for it becase i have to sign a pees agremint

lok i am alredy famis in korea i am in a amine picher

one day i wil be in a maynga on teevee like saler moon

hoo-hoo nanners!
hoo-hoo nanners!
hoo-hoo nanners!
hoo-hoo nanners!
hoo-hoo nanners!
hoo-hoo nanners!
hoo-hoo nanners!