Dawn (dawnsyndrome) wrote,

today was my sebenteen berthday and it was the bestest berthday in all the world

peeple from distent lands camed to see me and wish me luck and hapee niss through the yeer

barnee camed and we haded a party outside and there was even clonn peeple but they sad they were not clonns but who dresses uglee like that sept for clonns

when it was time for presints i gotted a penk ipodd and a liddle frigemater for my room and two yeer suskritchten to teen bop magzeen becase i love teen boys and it has those and that is a nise thing to see

i gotted strawbabee shrotkake ban dades and it camed with a ban dade holder so i putted my barbee ban dades from crismes in it and i have onlee used one becase i felled on the stares

pepaw gaved me a hello kittee kichen nife and he danseded with me and peeple putted monees in my pantees

someone said somethen abot berthday spankens and this scaree man stabbeded a gerl in the bakk 17 times with my hello kittee nife good thing all us kids with down syndrome looks alike i diden like soozie aneeway she has a harry butt crak

want to see my kake here is a picher

gess what i am goen to be in a ipodd add on teevee look at it

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