Dawn (dawnsyndrome) wrote,

i was at the ofise with my noo sekraterry frosty_the_sarz and i told her to go get me some coffee here is a picher

anyway she camed back and it was time to go to korea to take a peese agreemint and i gotted all my bags packed and she did too and she brot me deekaf when she nose i dont like it becase it tatses like poo but i still luve her anyway

it was a long bus ride to korea and i think we wented over the oshen too becase i think thats where it is but anyway we gotted there and there was a lots of prity things to look at and i gotted some anime and i botted a big tertle that was stuffeded like a teddy bare but it was a tertle.

i dont no what i am gone to call it but i think maybe something tertley.

after we woked up in the morning at a hotel 7 ms. sarah and me wented to meet kem junk ill and i dont no what was wrong with him maybe he had the floo or a eer infinkshen or something but i dont know why everyone kept saying he was ill i didnt understand

but we talkeded abot formel desgnashen of borders and then aksess to nachral reesorses and aporshenin them and then i sad he had to releese all the prisners and the fugees becase larin hill needs a noo CD so I made sure he releesed them.

here is a picher

i no theres a lot of terism in the world right now and it's not just full of flowers but sometimes you have to be hapee and look at prity things and so i told kim junk that we needed a sees fire and then we workeded on diskrete steps to venchally reech muchooaly dezired goal of peese and we signded a treety it was on a napken but it is stil leegel i think

i saw this picher in his hose and took a picher of it but dont tell becase i dont think im aloud to see it but i dont no what it is abot so thats why i am posten it to ask

and when i cameded in his hose i askeded him what it was and he said it was a big cotten candi for everyone but i dont think so it looks like a white brokkli.

anyway i tolded him that if he was the oner of south korea too then he would have lots of seoul and he diden get my joke but i thot it was funnee

okay i am gone to go eat some nanner pudden
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