Dawn (dawnsyndrome) wrote,

my toot fellded out yesterday so i putted it under my pallow to see if the toot fary wuld come to see me

mome sad wen she comes to your hose she brengs a bag full of monees that she gotted at the banks and that it has lots and lots of dollerd bills in it and that you culd buy a restrant with it if you culd catch her scrawnee little neck and then mome started screemin bad werds abot the toot fary and then she sad she was soree and diden meen to screem

so this mornen i wokeded up and there was the toot fary! She was in my room and I sad to her to give me lots of monees so mome culd open a restrant and she gaveded me a hundred bajillion dollerds and eight sents and stoleded my toot.

i gess with toots like that she needs all the toots she can getted ahold of. pepaw gotted visted by the toot fary all the time wen he was little and i guess thats why he has no toots now.

in other noos, mome has deesided that we are goin to disnee world on the 18th of aggist so thats not too far away so i have plenny of time to pack my sootcase

soree i have not postted lately but mr snokums gotted lost and we had to find him and wen we did finded him he was all wet and inside of someones air vent and we dont no how he gotted there but we thanked mister and misters wong becase they are a nise fambly
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