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This morning, my little angel woke down up.

Hallelujah! O, Odin, thou hast healed mine daughter fantastik!

Thank you, Livejournal for your undivided support and nourishment through these times of trouble! The spirit of Sacajaweah carried my baby on her back on monetary goods and she survived!

Your cards and letters, your flowers and candy, and that dirty brassiere that old man sent, were all very appreciated and I have thrown them all in the trash Dawn appreciated every one of them!

We were very impressed with the service at the hospital, but unfortunately while Dawn was eating, a gorilla ran off with her soup.

We contacted the doctor and they decided to put an anti-gorillatheft device on Dawn's breast. I was curious about this feature at first as I assumed the doctor was trying to cop a feel of my daughter, but he reassured me that he was only interested in little boys and that although my daughter looked like a boy from behind when you slicked back her hair, that he had absolutely no reason to touch her that way ever again.

Dawn will be back at home in time for Halloween and she will also be able to start posting in her own journal from now on, although you may see me pop up every now and then to check up on things!

In Odin's name,
Polly Sistek-Bertelli

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