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hapee mery crismis and look at what i gotted this yeer for been a busee ladee

i gotted a icon from kandikorn and then from santa and mome i gotted a lots of stuff

here from santa i gotted a strawbabee shrotkake hat, a son made razen playbook and barbee ban dades and mome gotted me a ranebo brite fleas blankit and saded my suskritchten to niklodeean magzeen is comen in the male and i gotted a presint from walt disnee becase i visted disnee this year and he sented me his glass eyebowl and a purpel harebrush with areeul lidle mermade on it and i dont know how he fonded out i wanted that but they say wishes can come true if you beliv so i did and look what hapened

i hop everyone has a mery crismis and a happee noo yeer and you should all go look at kandikorn's cafepress account becase he was relly nise to me this yeer and he is gone help me make my own cafepress and you can buy shirts with me and my drawens on it

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Happy Christmas! I hope you don't need those barbie band-aids!
i useded five of them alreddy but i putted them on my arm and my face and mome told me to stop wasten them

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

i did they was amazen so i sangded amazen grase

hey your sister was in speshel olempecs what did she copeet in i was in the three legged rase and mome was woreed becase i onlee have two legs but i still won
You didn't have to promote my shop LOL

You're such a sweetiepie!
any day for a troo frend

*gives you a big hug*
i love you merry xmas dawn may jesus bless all the food your dirty little fingers touch!
I will.


12 years ago

i got a raisin book too!
Merey hcmas dfeinsds1

you have beautiful eyes
Hope you had a good christmas Dawn! :D
yaay merrie noo yer dawn im so glad to hav yuo back.
I know the holidays are over but still. Merry xmas and happy new year! Do you have new year's resolutions?

You should write more!