Dawn (dawnsyndrome) wrote,

hello this is dawn i am back from the sky

amember when i toded you that i was gona be famis well now i am gona be on CBN News becase i got deducted by alleyants!

they all lookeded like the same persen and here is a picher of the alleyants up close:

they comeded down from the sky and they toded me "take me to your leeder" so i sad we hadded a three leeder pebsi in the fredge and i showded them and they started talken to it and asken it questions like barbar walters on that telebisizen show 30/40

so then they sad that they wuld take me on a ride and i sad like that movie and then askeded if they had 50's rock and roll on their areship and they diden know what i was talken about

they tode me that they wuld carry me so i wulden have to walk a lot since i just gotted out of the hopsittal

i gotted in the yueffo and they sad that i shuld lay down on the table and i sad you are apposed to lay down on a couch or a bed but not a table you are apposed to eet on a table but they diden lissen so i layed down on the table becase thats what they toded me to do

they gotted this big stick like wen mome invites her girlfrend over and they started poken me with it in my nono spot but not the mane nono spot but the one were my poopoo comes out of and i toded them only black ladees like that but not ricoddr becase ricoddr isnt a black ladee and that wasnt a black ladee it was just a japknees ladee with mud on her fase

the alleyants tooked a picher of me wen they did nono stuff so here is the picher

i am back now tho so we can hang out sometime like i sad okay, sephibroth?

by the way, for everyone who wanted to know mome still has herpz and she still wont let me get some she needs to lern to share
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