Dawn (dawnsyndrome) wrote,


today we had our 42nd anyewall jelleefest and there was a lots of jellee flavers at the fare

there was strawbabee jellee and bloobery jellee and pine apple jellee and turkee jellee and drano jellee and fish jellee and poop jellee and yellow jellee and green jellee and bloo jellee and pie jellee and jellee jellee and jellee jellee jellee and grape jellee and banana jellee and strawbabee jam

but when they founded the strawbabee jam someone gotted mad and sad "this is not a jamfest this is a jelleefest who broughted this" and they founded the old man who had broughted it and hanged him up on a tree but he was white

i fonded one jellee that sad it was from kentukky but it thinked it was hand sope becase thats what it looked like
and a word of abvice dont eet it if you find it becase it is gross and it maded my hands slipree

mome made me confuse becase it sad it is from kentukky but mome sad it is for her virginia

a lots of people came and one of them was this woman who diden have any arms so she ated her brakefist with her feets

want to see a picher of her okay here it is dont stare its not nice

mome and me ratted the jellees and i thoughted that the bloobery jellee was the most dellishemus and tangee and i sad that it shoud win and mome sad no that the pine apple was the bestestess and then we diden have a tie braker and i tolded mome that i wasnt wearen a tie and she shooked her head

first prizes wented to the bloobery jellee becase i know all of momes secrettes

i metted this really nice black ladee named gertie at the fare and she tolded me all things about a lots of stuff and then she sad more things about stuff so now i know a lots

she sawded a woman drinken beer at the jelleefest and she said "what are you doin ladee put that down this aint cheers"

she tolded me that i was end spy ren and that she was gone to write a pome about me and then i tolded her to email it to me and she said she wud and then i askeded her if she hadded livejournel and she sad no and then i tolded her to get one so she shud get one soon

i was gonna get a picher of her but mome tolded me she needed me to come see somethen else and i sad what is more impotent than a black ladee and then she sad that raquel welch came to reppryzent her welches grape jellee and fell in the lake with her banini soot on so i tookeded a picher of that instead

the fest was very fun and i had a lots of fun and i even gotted my fase panted and this relly nice ladee was there to pant it and she sad that i had a canvis for a fase and that she woud like to pant it over and over again all the time until eturnitty

and here is a picher of my fase panten

partee aminals!
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