11:39pm 21/06/2005
  hi i dreweded some prety pichers so everyone can lok at them i posted them in a art comunte to so they can see but i am posten them here so people in my jernel can see them okay

the picher on the left is a picher of me and my mome at her prom when she was in hi skool and that is her date his name is cleves bukket and he has a moll the size of a beever on his bak and mome sad he has bak hare but i dont no how you get that becase i never seend it so i think it is pretind

i had fun drawen the paris hilton one becase she had a comershel abot eeten a hamburgler so i put that on the picher becase she likes to eet hamburglers and the dogs leg is liftid but its not peen i put that see its not peen its just walken and it has to lift its legs to walk


we only had bloo sharpees so thats what i drawded with it
07:55pm 18/06/2005
  hay gess what i gotted a myspase

yesterday i went to viset tatyanalol in the getto she moveded so i had to walk two bloks
mome told me not to go so dont tell okay?
mome sad that there might be peples that wuld hert me there so i dreseded up like a getto persen and went in desgize

i sawd all these peple and they had they were all wearing bananas on there heds thats what they sad they were i asked
and i was walken and there was this women and she gotted hit with a big spikee thing and the man stolded her perse so i chasded him with a woden spoon and beet him with it and no one took a picher but the polise drewed one for me an i got to keep it

and then some man saw me on the street and he sad i shuld be on teevee so he gotted me a deel maybe with star jonns and m and m and it wil be on teevee soon i cant wate i hope he was reel and not a lien man like mome sad id meet

12:41am 15/06/2005
  hay gess wat my frend tatyana made a jernal it is at tatyanalol.

i luve her

okay anyway lets talk abot today

this rely prety girl came by my hose on a skooder and i sad hi to her and she sad hi bak so i askeded her if she wanted to have a tea party so she sad okay but she had something better

so she sad it was caled a marrteeny

so we drankeded some and i got relly silly for som raisen but she tochded my nono spot on akisedents and i sad ow and she sad she was soree and then i dressed up like a lesbeen

she says her name is natlee and she is runen away from her mome and thats why she was in town and dided her hares

and she gotted reel drunk and threwed up in the potty but when i went to chek on her she was gon so i thenk she fell in the tollet and drownded and was flushed into the sooer maybe they wil find her in the oshen.
02:03pm 11/06/2005
mood: serprized

gess what everybodie! mome sad that this sumer we get to go to disnee world and i can breng too frends so i am goin to breng jenny and maybee dusty cooper but only if he dosnt fart in my face again

i am happeer than i have ever been in my hole intire life look at my anime fase

hey wen i go i will get to see mikey mosse and plooto and sinderela and sno wite and the seven dwarfs and i can have brekfest with goofe he is fune hes a dog but he is tall and walks on his feet
12:32pm 10/06/2005
mood: acompleshed
i am glad it is sumer and i dont have skool anymore so here is wat i did today

played in the mud with jenny
ate a bug i dont no what kind
and a hot pokket it was ham and cheese

pooped three times one time i missed the pottee
played tea partee with jenny and mr. snookums i dressed him up like J-Lo.

barnees teeth was yellow so i told him how to brushded his teeth and they made it all shinee and white

do you see the sticker in the corner its from walmart we went to walmart and i gotted some swoops they were choklit you no what swoops are they are candy things that look like pringels but theyre not chips they are candy

i was gonna put the sticker on my bookbag but its not skooltime and i also droppded it on the floor and it got cat hares and dirts on it and it is all crunchy on the stickee side so it wont stick to the wall anymore but i put peenut buter on it and it stiks fine now
02:27pm 05/06/2005
mood: ekstatec
in skool today i fingerpanted and jenny ated the pants but i dednt becase it is nastee but wen we have makaronni wen we dose pichers with it i eated it becase the gloo tatses funee.

my favrite thengs to eat is pizzas and makaronni and cheez and popsikles i also like eaten cat food but mome takes it away from me and i dont no why but i sneek it sometimes wen she dosent see it and the other day i ated a budderflie and it wasnt good it was sposed to tatse like budder but it tatsed bad so i wont eat a budderflie again and one time dusty cooper and i maded mud pies and they were okay but they wasnt cookd good or something becase they wasnt the best i had before like when jenny made them

i saw this moove where this women ated a dog and it was still alive and it kickeded her in the face but she ated it anyway but i think it might have been a nightmere

but anyway here is a picher of me eaten a hot pokket

12:49am 25/05/2005
mood: indescribable
this is a picher of me and my frend jenny in case someone hasnt seen it

today at skool, jenny was siten in front of me at class and she had on wite pantees and i kept tapen her sholder cause she gotted some marker on her pantees but she diden lesten to me so i kept tapen her sholder and i sad mabe it is crayon but not marker and she punchded me in the top of the arm

so i rased my hand up and sad teecher jenny punchded me in the top of the arm and she has markers on her underbriches and teecher lookded up her skert and tochd the mark and som of it camm off and she sad it was jenny's ferst pereed but i sad she was rong we was in second pereed math was ferst pereed

then teecher eksplaned abot what pereeds was and i dont want to get a pereed becase that is nastee so wen i got home i put a papre towl roll up in my nono spot becase bounty is sposed to suck up all the likwid and then it wuldnt come out so i gotted the tolet plunjer and put it on down there but that diden work and finale mome came in and toke me to the docter and they got it out with a big jaws thing
12:13am 20/05/2005
mood: embarrassed
if you wet the bed dont tell everyone at skool
12:12pm 18/05/2005
  i am goen to chirch tonite it is winsday so i go to chirch on winsday nites

my frend tatyana is blak and we go to chirch together and she likes fryd chiken and i let her have some of mine and she ate it all and i cried and she sad she was soree and didnt meen to eet it all but she was hongre

hay someone tode me they are making a dora the explorer movee i think they are lieing what do you think

*picks her nose and wipes it on the wall*
02:36am 15/05/2005
01:36pm 13/05/2005
  thank you so much mome for maken my layout i love blue she is my favrite dog and my jernel is all prety now and i can look at it evry day and it is prety

hay is that raisen on the grond
*picks it up and eats it*

ew no it was a hamster terd
10:17pm 12/05/2005
  nig nig nig nig nig nig nig nig nig nig nig nig nig nig nig

someon told me that i dont no what it meens tho
08:34pm 12/05/2005
  we went to mikey dees today and i got a hapee meel and it was yumy they put a kitty in it is a toy and it looks like a kitty and it is blak and white and has yelo eyes and they are big

it is named himalayn thats what mome said

i gots frinch frys and a hamburgler and a strawbrey shake and it was yumy and when i wnet outside ronald mick donald was on the bench and i sat in his lap and he wold not talk to me so i peed on him

mome took away himalayn and said i canot have him back all day becase i peed on ronald mick donald.

she is such a meeny poopoo head
02:37am 12/05/2005
mood: down
hi my name is dawn and i am 16 yars old but i look 6 thats okay mom sad when i get oldar that i will look 16 so thats gud

when u have down syndrome (mome told me how to spel it) it is tuf becasue peeple makk fun of u and they say u look like a rat or yor mom has drinkin problums or you got fartad on by a teletubee

wel sumtimes i fel lik i was fartad on and i cri but thats oka bcuas thos rat batsards wil get ther meanines bak and hey while i am plotin rivenje lets hav a tee partie